Engine Emissions

Turnkey products, systems and support for Engine Emissions Testing

As the largest industrial and specialty gases company in North and South America, and one of the largest world wide, we provide accurate, reliable NIST traceable calibration gases that meet or exceed regulatory standards for your engine emission bench testing needs. From supplying repeatable, high-quality EPA gases, to designing and installing our state-of-the-art ProSpec™ Gas Delivery Systems, you can count on Linde for consistent high quality products, systems, service and support.

Linde is a pioneer in producing highly accurate calibration gas standards and ultra-pure zero gases for engine emissions testing. Our environmental solutions help ensure regulatory compliance, increase capacity, improve economics and achieve a broad range of environmental benefits.

Praxair Engine Emissions

Our emissions testing products are developed in compliance with the current regulatory requirements of federal, provincial, state and local air quality authorities. When you choose Linde, you get a single, proven supplier of consistent high-quality products and services for your engine emissions testing needs.

  • Single point of contact for all your engine emissions standards testing needs.
  • Comprehensive, repeatable product line of certified pure gases and multi-component calibration mixtures.
  • NIST traceability ensures +/-1% accuracy for mixtures; Certificate of Analysis.
  • Turnkey project management, including design and installation of ProSpec Gas Delivery Systems.
  • Outstanding technical support through a highly trained team of field representatives, technical service personnel and production chemists that support your regulatory, technical and safety needs.
  • Cylinder management and local stocking programs that lower cost and meet supply demand.
  • Reliable production and distribution network with over 20 specialty gases laboratories/production centers and over 400 distribution centers throughout North America.
  • Linde’s worldwide ISO 9001: 2000 and ISO 17025 certified facilities ensure mixtures are internationally traceable and consistent.

Engine Emissions Equipment

  • 6, 12 or 18 Cylinder Gas Packs – Convenience of large volume supply increases productivity by eliminating swapping out individual cylinders.
  • UHP Gas Cabinet – Safest and most reliable means to deliver hazardous and non- hazardous gases.
  • Protocol Stations – Convenient wall mounting provides ease of use, prevents regulator damage and improves safety.
  • Gas Blending System – Computerized multi-component gas blender mixes gases to generate precise gas mixtures for analytical purposes.
  • StarGen™ Oxygen Generator – Continuous supply of ultra-high purity O2 (99.9999%) minimizes cylinder-to-cylinder variation and analyzer down time. Zero Air and nitrogen generators available.
  • High Purity Orbitally Welded Piping – Design and installation of high purity gas delivery systems that can help you ensure gas quality from source of supply to point of use.
  • Multi-Gas Point-of-Use Panel – Allows gas to be effectively pressure-controlled to one or multiple instruments or use points.
  • Racking System – Custom-designed racks incorporate point-of-use control with the instruments to increase efficiency in the workspace.

Mobile Source Emissions

Mobile Source Emissions Standards

Federal, Provincial and State vehicle emission regulations require certification of tailpipe emissions to prescribed levels. These regulations mainly deal with in-use certification for currently owned and licensed on-road vehicles. High pressure precision gas mixtures, in various concentrations, are also supplied to original equipment manufacturers for new engine certification of internal combustion engines (ICE).

A wide range of high purity gases and calibration standards, blended to the manufacturers exacting specifications, are available. In-use testing is traditionally referred to as Inspection and Maintenance (I/M) testing. I/M automotive calibration standards are referred to as “BAR” mixtures, and are defined by the California Bureau of Automotive Repair.

BAR Certified I/M Automotive Calibration Standards

Mixture (Linde Part Number)Carbon DioxideCarbon Monoxide Propane Nitric Oxide Balance GasBAR Blend Code Analytical Uncertainty

BAR-90 Low 

(MS BAR90L-D7)

6.0%1.0%300 ppmN/A Nitrogen11±2%

BAR-90 Mid 

(MS BAR90M-D7)

12.0%4.0%1,200 ppm N/ANitrogen 



BAR-97 Low w/NO


6.0%0.5%200 ppm300 ppmNitrogen32±1%
BAR-97 Low 
(MS BAR97L-D7)
6.0%0.5% 200 ppmN/ANitrogen31±1%

Bar-97 High w/NO


 12.0% 8.0%3,200 ppm3,000 ppmNitrogen35±1%

BAR-97 High

(MS BAR97H-D7)

12.0%8.0%3,200 ppmN/ANitrogen34±1%

BAR 97 Zero Air


(Linde Part Number)

Total Hydrocarbons Carbon Monoxide Carbon Dioxide Nitric Oxide Oxygen Balance GasBAR Blend Code

BAR-97 Zero Air


< 1 ppm< 1 ppm< 1 ppm< 1 ppm 20.9% Nitrogen 37

BAR-97 Zero Air 


< 1 ppm< 1 ppm< 1 ppm< 1 ppm20.9% 



Flame Ionization Detector (FID) Fuel

Part NumberProduct Description Mixture Application Style Cylinder Style CGA

40% H2 in He (FID Fuel) 

(THC < 0.5 ppm)

Fuel Gas for GC-FIDK350 


40% H2 in He UHP (FID Fuel) 

(THC < 0.1 ppm)

Fuel Gas for GC-FIDK350

40% H2 in N2 (FID Fuel) 

(THC < 0.5 ppm)

Fuel Gas for GC-FID K350 
IG FI1065-K

39 - 41% H2 in He (FID Fuel) 

(THC 0.05 ppm) 

Fuel Gas for GC-FID350 
IG FI31065-K*

39 - 41% H2 in N2 (FID Fuel) 

(THC 0.05 ppm)

Fuel Gas for GC-FID 350 

* Complies with Title 40 Part 1065.750 

Instrument mixtures are suppled as certified standards, but also may be produced to meet primary standard or non-certified grade specifications.

Other cylinder styles are available upon request.

7000 Series Gas Cabinet

The 7000 Series gas cabinet enclosures are used to store gas cylinders and to mount gas delivery panels for the safe use of hazardous gases. They provide a low cost method to contain any gas releases and achieve compliance of NFPA Standards municipal and customer safety codes.

Features and Benefits

  • Safe storage of compressed gases and delivery systems
  • Gas releases are contained and vented to an exhaust system away from workers
  • Optional Gas leak detection systems can be linked to an alarm and/or emergency shutoff
  • Safe use, dispensing and handling of hazardous gases
  • Clean laboratory appearance, since cylinders are kept inside enclosure and not in the workplace
  • Meets NFPA requirements

Design and Construction Features

  • Doors and windows that close and latch automatically; exhaust vent located on top of cabinet
  • Air inlet louvers
  • Internal UL approved fire sprinkler with protective coating
  • Adjustable cylinder brackets


Protocol Alarm Station

The 5029 Series Protocol Alarm Station combines all of the safety and features of a standard Protocol Station with the added security of a remote alarm system.

Part Numbers

Zero Air: PRS50291101-590
Zero Nitrogen: PRS50291101-580

High Purity Automatic Changeover System

The 5028B (Brass) and 5028S (316 Stainless Steel) Series high purity automatic switchover systems are designed to provide a continuous supply of high purity gases to the laboratory, process or instrument.

Part Numbers

Brass: PRS5028B
316 Stainless Steel: PRS5028S