Aluminum Robotic Wire

Reliably Feed Aluminum Wire More than 80 Feet

Linde’s ProStar™ premium aluminum welding wire and weld wire feed systems can help you reduce downtime, minimize overwelding and protect weld quality.

Reduce Arc Wander and Overwelding

Standard welding wire’s cast and helix can lead to uneven wear on gun consumables, which causes excessive arc wander and affects weld quality.

Say Goodbye to Wire Twist

Linde’s ProStar premium aluminum welding wire is twist-free—delivering predictive performance and lower cost per inch—weld after weld.

Reduce Wire Feed Issues

Standard welding wire’s poor surface quality and cleanliness can quickly clog liners and pathways, causing feedability issues and downtime.

Proprietary Package Design

Linde’s ProStar premium aluminum welding wire in bulk packaging is distinctively clean and smooth for reliable feedability and consistent weld quality.

Standard Features

  • No cast or helix
  • Distinctively clean, consistent & smooth wire surface for a premium finish


  • Reduced arc wander and lower weld cost/inch with increased uniform tip wear
  • Decreased downtime with fewer wire feed issues
Praxair Aluminum Robotic Wire

Standard Configuration

Wire Dia.Drum SizePart No.  
ProStar 4043

3/64 in.110 lbs. (50 kg)
380 lbs. (172.2 kg)
880 lbs. (399.1 kg)
1/16 in. 110 lbs. (50 kg)PRSS5AW16J0502
ProStar 5356
3/64 in.
110 lbs. (50 kg)
380 lbs. (172.2 kg)
880 lbs. (399.1 kg)
1/16 in.
380 lbs. (172.2 kg)
880 lbs. (399.1 kg)