Last Chance to Participate in the 2020 Fall Sales Flyer Program

Apr 19, 2022, 15:44 PM by System
Less than one month left of special prices, programs and announcements from many of our preferred vendors! Linde's 2020 Fall Sales Flyer Program is still available through December 31. Visit our latest blog to learn more.

Last month we showcased a few more of the many products being featured in the 2020 Fall Sales Flyer Program, including the Miller Electric® Bobcat™ welder/generators, Hypertherm® consumables and accessories as well as the new ProStar™ Lancer™ pipe cutting machine.  

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Linde’s 2020 Fall Sales Flyer Program is still available through December 31, 2020 with special prices, programs and announcements from many of our preferred vendors such as Western Enterprises®, Lincoln Electric®, United Abrasives® and more. You can pick up copies of the flyer in your local Linde store or download it here

Below are additional highlights of the 2020 Fall Sales Flyer Program.

This fall edition of the sales flyer program features the ABICOR BINZEL® ABIROB air- and water- cooled robotic torches. The modular design of the rugged, yet flexible, ABIROB torches allow users to quickly replace the swanneck or cable assembly while maintaining tool center point (TCP), assuring accurate repeatability and continuous precision welding. Available in 360- and 500-amp models, ABIROB torches are well made with aluminum-armored swannecks for crash protection, internal air blast, internal control wire, emergency stop connector and heavy-duty cable support springs at front and rear for prolonged cable life. Direct mounts allow ABIROB torches to connect to most major wire feeder models. BINZEL is a preferred vendor of Linde, and we are pleased to feature them as a part of the 2020 Fall Flyer Program.

In this edition on the sales flyer, you will also find special pricing on many ProStar safety equipment, including auto-darkening helmets, glasses, welding gloves and jackets. ProStar safety glasses provide contemporary styling, protection and comfort and are designed to fit comfortably under welding helmets and face shields. ProStar welding helmets features a lightweight, narrow shell design that is perfect for work in tight spaces. Additionally, the helmet’s extended front increases throat protection against sparks, slag and fumes. ProStar welding gloves combine superior fit and dexterity to handle small parts securely while protecting against scrapes and nicks. Linde offers a wide variety of materials and features to suit your material handling and task requirements.

ProStar Lancer Series CNC plasma cutting systems make productivity gains easy to deploy and affordable. 

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The fall sales flyer also features information on our ProStar Lancer CNC plasma cutting systems. With effective cut dimensions from 4 ft. × 4 ft. up to 6 ft. × 12 ft., Linde’s Lancer Series CNC plasma cutting systems provide the ability to efficiently process carbon steel, stainless steel plate, and more. Starting at just under $23,000, these machines feature full support for Hypertherm® plasma systems, and FlashCut CNC controllers for fast cutting speeds, optimal nesting, exceptional cut quality and ease of use. 

The Lancer CNC plasma cutting systems are affordable and require minimal setup. They offer premium features including 100% welded unitized frames that are forklift accessible, making them easy to deploy or move as facility needs evolve.

Time is running out! Start shopping now.

Through our site,, you can purchase many of these products online immediately, tour our virtual MetFab shop and learn more about what Linde can provide to improve your productivity in metal fabrication, electronic and specialty gas solutions and health care.