Take Your Manufacturing to the Next Level at HOUSTEX 2023

Feb 10, 2023, 18:14 PM by Unknown
HOUSTEX 2023 is almost here! Join Linde from Feb. 21-23 for the industry-leading Southwest manufacturing trade show, and get hands-on demonstrations of some of Linde’s innovative products and technologies that can help you increase productivity and reduce downtime.

As the industry-leading Southwest manufacturing trade show, HOUSTEX is dedicated to showcasing advanced technologies and processes that help manufacturers innovate and create industry transformation. 

From February 21-23 at Houston’s George R. Brown Convention Center, you can join Linde and other industry peers for this inspiring three-day event. Featuring hundreds of exhibits, keynote presentations and education sessions, HOUSTEX is designed to help integrate knowledge, technology and business into smart manufacturing outcomes. It’s not too late! Register for HOUSTEX 2023 now.

Visit Us at HOUSTEX – Booth 2335

From additive manufacturing to robotics, machining centers to welding and dozens of technologies in between,  linde lightweld blogHOUSTEX allows exhibitors to showcase their products and explore the best that manufacturing has to offer. Brochures only give you the basics and videos tell you part of the story, but HOUSTEX allows you to see the latest industry products and developments in person, in one location.

Be sure to stop by booth 2335 for an exhibition of Linde’s innovative products and technologies that can help you increase productivity and reduce downtime. Here are just a few of the many product features you can look forward to seeing at HOUSTEX 2023.

Laser Welding Goes Handheld

The LIGHTWELD™ 1500 handheld laser welding system enables dramatically faster welding speeds, compared to MIG welding and TIG welding, and is easier to operate. The system provides high-quality, consistent results across a wider range of materials than MIG or TIG, without distortion, undercut or burn-through. Additionally, the heat affected zone and need for post-processing is reduced, improving productivity. matter of hours, while experienced users can benefit from the faster and more flexible processing capabilities.

Linde’s STARGON™ blends are a family of argon-based blends with additions of some level of carbon dioxide, oxygen and helium to enhance arc performance during welding – resulting in high quality welds. Each STARGON blend, including STARGON AL, SS and VS has been developed to meet the demands of your specific MIG/MAG (GMAW) process while improving productivity and lowering your cost per foot of weld.

Linde’s STARGON™ SS shielding gas is a blend designed for welding stainless steel that contains no helium. The Welder ImageSTARGON SS blend can help reduce costs while improving weldability and deposition rates. Even in challenging circumstances, it can help produce high-quality welds with good color matching and a light oxide, all at a lower per cylinder cost than helium-based blends. 

Linde’s STARGON™ AL welding blend for aluminum GMAW and GTAW welding provides better arc energy, stability and performance. When compared to argon, STARGON AL blend improves bead appearance, can reduce the cleaning zone and provides better wetting and weld penetration, improving process weld quality, weld speed and operator appeal.

Linde’s STARGON™ VS shielding gas is designed to meet the demands of your MIG (GMAW) process with enhanced performance and lower operational costs. STARGON VS gas blend provides high arc energy, which stabilizes the arc and allows maximum wire transfer rates and travel speeds, focused penetration and excellent bead appearance – good wetting, flat crown and minimal spatter.

Don’t Miss Your Chance – Register Now

We look forward to attending HOUSTEX 2023 and connecting with our valued customers and peers. Attendee pricing for HOUSTEX 2023 is $0 for SME members and $50 for non-members. All show floor education is included with your show floor pass. Register for attendance here.

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