Scrap Waste and Inefficiency with Linde’s Optimized Gas Supply

Apr 19, 2022, 15:44 PM by System
By combining single source convenience with an optimized gas supply, Linde has solutions that can help simplify replenishment, reduce labor and improve productivity for your metal scrapping operation.

Your metal scrapping operation relies on flexible and mobile gas supply solutions to take apart and transport scrap metal quickly and cost-effectively. Depending on the metal (for instance mild steel, stainless steel or non-ferrous metals), different process technologies and equipment may also be required. Tracking orders and deliveries from multiple suppliers can be time-consuming. And with the added complexity of numerous single-cylinder assets, protecting and improving your team’s productivity can be challenging.

With this in mind, Linde has developed an innovative gas supply that can help simplify replenishment and tracking and provide reductions in labor and improved productivity. Linde’s portable microbulk system for oxygen and small bulk supply of STARFLAME™ C fuel gas can provide increased volume capacity, supply multiple operators and replace dozens of traditional liquid cylinders or multi-cylinder packs.  

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This reduces cylinder change-outs and cylinder handling, which can help you improve worker safety. Further, your team can spend less time ordering, tracking and moving small assets and spend more time on the job at hand.

Benefits of Linde’s Innovative Gas Supply Options

  • Increased volume capacity to meet production spikes
  • Large-scale gas supply that is portable and can be moved while full
  • Simplified billing, fewer deliveries
  • Optional telemetry tracking for automated deliveries
  • Reduced downtime associated with cylinder change-outs
  • Reduced residual product returns
  • Reduced cylinder handling and transporting of cylinders

Large-Scale Supply: Right Where You Work

The microbulk system and STARFLAME™ C gas small bulk supply can be moved while full and placed where you work – practically anywhere at your facility. They can also be filled while on-site by bulk tanker trucks. This pairing brings microbulk and small bulk benefits anywhere at your facility.

STARFLAME™ C Cutting Fuel Gas

STARFLAME C cutting fuel gas burns hotter and cuts quicker than acetylene and other fuel gases. It provides smooth cuts with no gouge marks or rolled edges. Additional benefits include:

  • Quicker start to steel ignition point at a reduced cost
  • Faster cutting speeds whether beveling, making sharp turns or cutting intricate patterns
  • Quick, clean piercing
  • Minimal slag and weld-back from a cleaner flame
  • Minimal smoke and soot
  • Low potential for torch backfire

Single-Source Convenience

With Linde’s hundreds of retail locations across the United States, strategically placed air separation plants, growing fleet of delivery vehicles and regional call centers staffed with experienced customer service representatives, replenishment is just a phone call away. A single phone call provides you access to welding, cutting and industrial gases, as well as a full line of welding, industrial and safety supplies. Call us and see how a single phone call can simplify replenishment.