Optimize Gas Delivery and Keep Productivity Flowing with the HERCULES™ Oxygen Manifold

Nov 21, 2022, 10:45 AM by Unknown
Pair your HERCULES™ oxygen microbulk tank with the HERCULES oxygen manifold, which allows for the facilitation of uninterrupted gas supply for up to six users.

In a previous blog, we explored the features and benefits of Linde’s HERCULES™ microbulk oxygen system, a line of palletized cylinders in rugged, flyable frames with capacities of 450 and 1000 liters. Installed at your site, Linde microbulk and bulk gas supply systems replace high-pressure gas cylinders with a high-quality continuous gas supply. Replacing the on-hand cylinders with a single microbulk or bulk tank frees up valuable floor space and reduces the time spent with cylinder deliveries and cylinder inventory.


HERCULES™ Oxygen Manifold 

You can now pair your HERCULES microbulk oxygen system with the HERCULES oxygen manifold. Whether simple or complex, manifold systems offer an efficient method for supplying gas to multiple applications and even entire facilities, reducing the need for separate cylinders and regulators for each point of use. This concept increases efficiency in the manufacturing or research area by reducing the required space necessary to supply multiple locations in addition to the time spent dealing with cylinder inventory.

The HERCULES oxygen manifold allows for the facilitation of uninterrupted gas supply for up to six users. The HERCULES DP-6O2 oxygen manifold is a six-outlet, oxygen-cleaned manifold header for oxygen applications only. The unit comes standard with ½-inch ball valves with right-hand oxygen C-type outlet and dust caps. It also has a maximum pressure of 300 psi for a 150-working pressure. 

Easy shut-off valves allow individual outlets to be closed, unaffecting other outlets for a nonstop, continuous operation. Made from 316L stainless steel, this distribution manifold will meet all your oxygen needs. Its small frame design allows the unit to be easily carried and moved.



  • 1/2 in. NPT inlet and outlet with 1/2 in. NPTM X 7/8 in.
  • Right-hand oxygen C-type outlet and dust caps (not shown in picture)
  • 150 psi working pressure
  • 300 psi rated safety (for 300 psi maximum pressure)
  • 400 psi wika gauge
  • Six-ball valve outlet for one-six outlet applications
  • Safety labels and warning stickers
  • Oxygen cleaned to GS-38 and CGA G-4 standards
  • 17.5 in. height x 39 in. length x 13.5 in. depth
  • Weighs 24 lbs.

Linde Has Equipment That Delivers

As the largest industrial and specialty gases company in North and South America, and one of the largest worldwide, Linde has leveraged its size and experience to engineer a wide range of gas delivery systems to fit your application needs. From changeover systems and switchovers to control panels and manifolds, we have what you need to optimize your gas delivery. For more information on the HERCULES™ oxygen manifold or any of our gas distribution systems, contact your local Linde representative today or call us at 1-800 225-8247 to learn more.