Improve Your Plant’s Accuracy, Quality and Compliance with Linde Hydrocarbon Processing Solutions

Apr 19, 2022, 15:44 PM by System
From data tracking services to finding the right gas delivery modes, Linde's hydrocarbon processing solutions can help boost your plant’s productivity and maintain plant quality, accuracy and measurability, all while remaining fully compliant.

When it comes to hydrocarbon processing, precision, quality and accuracy shouldn’t be compromised. No matter what stage, even the slightest error, inefficiency or change in your processing feeds and conditions can substantially alter your product and potentially hinder your productivity.
With over 100 years of experience, including ISO 17025 and ISO 9001 certifications, Linde delivers specialty gas solutions to meet your hydrocarbon and petrochemical plant’s unique requirements. From our ProSpec™ product line with crude oil refining and petrochemical processing products to our high purity testing protocol mixtures and industry reference gas standards, we’re prepared to meet your unique challenges with high analytical accuracy, quality and complete compliance. 

Offering precision and profitability you can see

From data tracking services to finding the right gas delivery modes to managing regulatory requirements, Linde’s innovative solutions can help reveal routes for boosting your plant’s productivity and help you maintain plant quality, accuracy and measurability, all while remaining fully compliant. Our hydrocarbon processing solutions include the following. 

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Linde’s HPI-CPI Resources

Our customized cylinder management solutions range from tracking cylinders and related assets to comprehensive supply programs tailored to your needs. Our expert evaluation supports analytical gas optimization, gas handling and distribution systems, gas monitoring, and automated gas expiration system alerts.

Changing from Cylinders to Microbulk/Bulk

By switching to bulk or microbulk cryogenic liquid-to-gas systems, your plant can experience improved gas inventory control and management, as well as improved productivity with time saved through reduced cylinder change-outs, less downtime, and less time spent with cylinder management.

Unmatched Distribution and Supply Chain Network

Linde’s production system includes many industrial gas production plants, pipelines, specialty gas production plants and laboratories, and an extensive fleet of distribution vehicles.

Managing Regulatory Compliance

Leveraging chemical resources and manufacturing plants specializing in low-traceability impurities, our locations are ISO 9001 certified and laboratories ISO 17025 accredited. Linde continuously improves its processes and collaborates with the industries’ most highly regarded methods and regulatory organizations to ensure products meet current specifications. Our compliance allows us to manufacture products with the accuracy your critical processes require to help provide process repeatability and predictability.

Scaling productivity and quality 

Mixture manufacturing requires a careful development process and attention to detail. Leveraging decades of experience, Linde’s material preparation team uses a systematic approach to help ensure your gases, equipment and materials meet your quality needs, including:

  • Raw material acquisition
  • Cylinder preparation
  • Blending techniques and technology
  • Mixture homogenization
  • Analytical instrumentation
  • Certification documentation

Technology that delivers safety and innovation

Whether it’s automated cylinder expiration notification, high-pressure telemetry or high-capacity cylinders, our innovative team is continually developing more efficient ways of helping you make your plant more healthy, profitable and productive.

Safety is our focus in everything we do, including product innovation. That’s why we’ve developed high-performing portable, ergonomic cylinders for the safe application of specialty gases, with features that include:

  • New valve and cylinder technology to facilitate ease of handling
  • Improved ergonomic cylinder hardware solutions for everyday needs
  • Reusable and recyclable cylinders reducing waste and asset costs

Linde helps you meet protocol with precision

While our products cover a wide range of applications, no two plants require the same service. With our experience and expertise, we can help you customize a solution to your organization’s unique structure, needs and goals. You can trust Linde’s team to help you stay up to speed with new technology in pollution control monitoring, laboratory process equipment and design, and new industry analytical methods. Contact your local Linde representative or call 1-877-PRAXAIR to learn more about our hydrocarbon processing solutions today.