How Linde’s STRIP AND SHIP™ Program Simplifies Sustainable Gas Cylinder Handling

May 23, 2023, 09:51 AM by Unknown
Save time spent with on-site cylinder remediation and reduce costs of hazardous waste disposal in just three easy steps with Linde’s STRIP AND SHIP™ cylinder return program. Read more about how it works.

Today’s businesses are highly eco-conscious. There’s a growing desire to reduce our ecological footprint, and recycling is one of the best ways to do our part for the environment – this includes preventing waste surrounding the use of calibration gas cylinders. With millions of cylinders being used each year, the number of single-use disposable calibration gas cylinders is rising as well, resulting in more hazardous waste that must be dealt with through costly internal remediation processes or companies and services that handle it. 

Linde’s STRIP & SHIP™ Program 

Taking a more sustainable approach to cylinder management can help you reduce your business’ environmental footprint, save disposal costs and reduce liability risks. That’s what Linde’s STRIP AND SHIP program was designed to do – no more piles of empty cylinders, no onsite cylinder remediation by your employees and no waste disposal costs. Our patented STRIP & SHIP™ cylinder return program utilizes our Returnable (RT) and High-Capacity Returnable (HCRT) recyclable cylinders in an easy return process with just three steps. 


Linde strip n ship
Step 1: Make sure the gauge reads zero.
Step 2: Strip off content label to reveal the prepaid return label beneath it.
Step 3: Arrange for UPS pickup or deliver to a UPS location.

That’s it!

Benefits of the STRIP AND SHIP Program

  • Reduces time spent doing paperwork for cylinder remediation processes
  • Minimizes the need for hazardous waste disposal companies
  • Saves money spent on return or disposal fees
  • Helps keeps gas cylinders out of landfills

About Our Returnable (RT) and High-Capacity Returnable (HCRT) Recyclable Cylinders

Linde’s Returnable (RT) cylinders are part of our line of recyclable and sustainable gas cylinders. Our standard cylinders are available in five sizes, and Linde’s High-Capacity Returnable (HCRT) cylinders in three sizes. Our returnable cylinders are more compact than standard cylinders and provide the capacity you need in more portable sizes.

These ISO 7866 globally approved cylinders are available practically anywhere and when combined with our patented STRIP AND SHIP™ return program, you can use our high-quality calibration gases without the concerns of waste disposal.

The Linde Mission

With the mission of making our world more productive, products and technologies from Linde serve our customers and the environment. We develop applications and initiatives that help enhance our customers’ productivity and improve environmental performance – including Linde’s STRIP & SHIP program and returnable (RT) gas cylinders. To learn more, contact your local Linde representative or call us at 1.800.225.8247.

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