At the heart of every scientific endeavor is a laboratory where the research experiments and analytical procedures are accomplished. For over 100 years, laboratories have counted on Linde to fulfill their critical gas needs.

Linde offers a comprehensive range of gas products with the proper purity, compliance and certification to meet the demands of any laboratory application. Linde also offers the industry’s leading collection of gas handling, distribution and storage equipment to help lab personnel work safely and productively. Linde’s focus on quality and service gives laboratories the confidence to know that the only variables they need to worry about are in their experiments and not their gases.
  • Comprehensive Product Range – Supplying each application with the proper gas (grade, compliance, certification, scale)
  • Superior Reliability – Ensuring high quality products are there when they are needed
  • Equipment and Systems Excellence – Connecting customers with everything needed to use, handle, and store gases efficiently and safely
  • Productivity and Innovation Partner – Working with laboratories to identify and implement productivity and cost improvements
  • Ease of Doing Business – Providing convenient e-commerce options and strong customer support
  • Safety Focus – Making safety the top priority for every activity
Praxair Specialty Application Laboratories

Equipment and Services

Equipment and Systems Excellence

Linde manufactures and supplies thousands of gas handling, storage and safety solutions:


Linde designs and fabricates all gas distribution systems in-house using high-quality components. For laboratories pursuing renovation or expansion, Linde can design and implement a turn-key build-out.

Protect the purity of your gases and the quality of your lab’s results with the right product for the right application.

Laboratory Assessment Services

Linde applies its extensive experience with specialty gases and equipment to help laboratory managers and scientists review their gas needs and select the proper gas products and delivery systems. Linde’s Laboratory Assessment Program examines all aspects of gas use, handling and storage to help laboratories reduce costs and mitigate risk.

Laboratory Assessment Benefits

  • Achieve consistent work quality
  • Improve productivity
  • Optimize supply modes
  • Protect instrument and equipment
  • Better utilize bench and floor space
  • Implement appropriate safety measures
  • Streamline transaction processing
  • Ensure appropriate product grades and certifications
  • Improve asset management