PROSTARTM Heavy Duty Cutting Machines

Mechanized CNC cutting for higher cut quality, greater productivity and less scrap

Heavy Duty Cutting Tables

Cut into Enhanced Process Performance with Linde's Complete Line of CNC Cutting Systems

Linde Gas & Equipment has created a line of medium- to heavy-duty fabrication plate processing devices to aid in completing your project. We have the ideal machine for your application, whether you need basic plasma or flame cutting, beveling, drilling, tapping, or other multi-function processes. You can rely on our experts to conduct professional STARSOLVERĀ® audits of your current equipment and procedures and make recommendations for enhancements in cut quality, machine throughput/productivity, reduction of scrap loss, and decreased operating costs.

Retrofitting Services

Your outdated cutting machines can be given new life by Linde Gas & Equipment. We will pick up, disassemble, and refit your current equipment with new parts including controllers, drive and motors, and gearboxes for a fraction of the price of a new machine. To give your cutting system fresh life and higher levels of production, we can even add more stations and features.





- Reduces angularity and nearly eliminates dross - Reduces rework and post-weld clean up

Exceptional Cut Quality


- Extends life of consumables - Reduces consumables costs over time

Improved Torch Design


- Provides industry-leading options for metfab shops big and small - Maximizes budgets by extending the life of current machines through service and retrofit capabilities

Comprehensive Range of Models


- Increases throughput/productivity - Reduces material handling

Beveling & High-Speed Drilling Stations