Bring Visibility and Savings to Your Business With STAR-REACH™ Cylinder Inventory Management

Jul 5, 2023, 10:48 AM by Unknown
Having one portal for all your cylinder needs allows your health care or manufacturing facility to spend less time and money managing cylinders and more time focusing on your business. Here are five great benefits of using STAR-REACH™, Linde’s customer cylinder inventory management web portal.

You rely on high pressure gas cylinders for critical applications in your health care or manufacturing facility, but business demands -- and multiple on-site locations – can make it difficult to keep track of all your cylinders, their contents and the administrative work required for keeping the inventory on track. This can result in runouts and process downtime, which can be disruptive and costly. 

Manage All Your Cylinder Needs in One Place 

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With STAR-REACH™, Linde’s customer cylinder inventory management web portal, you can have visibility to all your on-site cylinders in one place – and in just a few clicks! Having one portal for all your cylinder needs allows you to spend less time and money managing cylinders and more time focusing on your business. Here are five great benefits of using Linde’s STAR-REACH system.

1. Automatic / Easy Reorder

STAR-REACH™ provides multiple options that can help simplify your reorder process, including automatic reorder triggered by Linde’s STARVIEW™ remote monitoring system, automatic checkouts according to a predetermined schedule and easy reordering from past orders. 

2. Reduce the Guesswork by Viewing Order Status

With STAR-REACH, it’s simple to get the status of the current open orders as well as the order history. View delivery truck location (updated every 15 minutes), view a list of orders during a selected time period, see scheduled delivery dates and order details and download delivery documents for closed orders.

3. Use-Point Cylinder Information at Your Fingertips

Do you have compliance regulatory requirements to report cylinder information during usage? Are you still using clipboards? Do you have to look through the stack of papers to find a historical record during an audit? Minimize the need for paper handling, faxing, phone calls and mailing with the STAR-REACH™ web portal and STAR-REACH™ scanning app. Scan cylinders and manifold QR codes, automatically handle changed-out cylinders, view and download Certificate of Analysis (CoA), get alerts for expired or near-expired cylinders and more. Additionally, if you have Linde’s STARVIEW™ remote monitoring system implemented, you can view the sensor readings in STAR-REACH platform without the need to log in to the STARVIEW website.

4. Simplified Third-Party System Integration

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You may have a CEMS DAS software to manage all your EPA reporting needs. You may have an internal quality system to evaluate incoming raw material. You may have a process control system that needs to adjust operating parameters based on concentration of the gas mixture. All these systems require recording the cylinder gas information manually and then typing the values from the paper copy of the Certificate of Analysis. STAR-REACH and Q-Spec™ app provide an easy alternative that allows you to scan a cylinder’s QR code using Q-Spec app then export the cylinder information to a CSV file, which can be customized for importing into your system, helping to minimize human error for your compliance needs.

5. Full Visibility of Cylinder Asset Balance and Location Tracking

STAR-REACH provides full visibility to all your cylinders – all in one place. The system’s dashboard provides an easy means to search and view your cylinders per location. You can also check your cylinder balance or use the STAR-REACH scanning app for barcode and location tracking.

Linde Can Help You Simplify Cylinder Management

No matter how simple or complicated your needs, STAR-REACH can bring you productivity savings by improving order placement speed and accuracy, reducing unnecessary cylinder inventory and minimizing human error in managing cylinder information. Contact your local Linde territory manager today to learn how the STAR-REACH can help simplify cylinder management.