ProStarTM Pre-Engineered Robotic Welding Cells


High-Speed Production Welding Systems


With a broad range of automation and process options, Linde robotic cells are a great choice for the production of repetitive parts of nearly any shape or size. Linde’s extensive line of automation cells supports a variety of OEM options. Customers can choose from among the major brands of six-axis robotic arms, controllers, positioners and consumables.

Linde cells are available in a number of configurations for differing weldment sizes and shapes. They offer flexible loading options, modular tables, Ferris wheel functionality, alternating workstations, multi-axis positioners and more. Our flexible work cells provide ample space and built-in wiring paths that can accommodate most controllers, power sources and accessories. PROSTAR™ work cells feature modular tooling bridles and can be configured to accept larger tables, as well as one-axis or two-axis positioners to handle complex weld geometries.



Pre-Engineered Robotic Welding Cell Benefits

safety-iconEngineered for Safety

→ RIA-compliant safety features
Operator protection from harmful sparks and UV radiation
→ Light curtain protective boundary
→ Ergonomic loading height, rear/side maintenance doors (some models)

robotic-weldingFreedom of Choice

 Choose your robot and welding process.
Specify single-axis or multi-axis positioners
→ Choose one, two or three workstations.
→ Specify fixed or modular table configurations.

ProStarTM Pre-Engineered Welding Cell Types


2 or 3 Doors: 1 AXIS - 2 or 3 modular adjustable tables, telescoping pneumatic doors, single robot.


Angle Loader: 1 AXIS - 2 fixed tables, telescoping pneumatic doors, side-cell access.


Ferris Wheel: 3 AXES - 2 robots / stations, 360° single-axis positioners, 180° servo-driven indexing wall.


Front Loader: 1 AXIS - 2 fixed tables separated by a 180° servo-driven indexing wall.